A Cold Water Splash, The Easiest Trick I Ever Learned

A good skin tip that I share with my readers is that after cleansing the skin, give a final rinse or just splash your skin with cold water, as this offers several benefits to the skin.

-Cold water will temporarily constrict the opening of the pores, making large pores appear smaller.

-This gives a “tight” feeling to the skin for those that like that sensation.

-Reduces post-shower redness by constricting capillaries and fades the flush in the skin. 

-It may help your products absorb better because when the capillaries instantly constrict, it creates a pulling effect on the skin, which may help to pull your products deeper into the skin, allowing for increased and enhanced results.

So next time you are finished cleansing your skin, remember all the benefits that can be revealed with a simple splash!

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